Trauma remains a major health care problem throughout the world. In addition to improving prevention and resuscitation, improved application of surgical skills is expected to save further lives and contribute to minimizing disability.

The DSTC course is designed to teach qualified surgeons in strategic thinking and decision making in the management of the severely injured patients and provide them with practical surgical skills to manage major organ injuries. It is an intensive 3 day course comprising lectures, interactive case discussions and practical surgical skills training with a faculty consisting af national and international experienced trauma surgeons.

The parent organisation of DSTC, and the world´s largest trauma surgical organisation outside of the United States is the International Association for  Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care (IATSIC). IATSIC was founded in 1988 and serves as a forum for Trauma Surgeons world wide being the owner of the DSTC course.

The parent organisation of IATSIC is the International Society of Surgery (ISS/SIC), based in Basel, Switzerland.

The first DSTC course in Norway was held in 2006.

Homepage: www.iatsic.org


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